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In dangerous environment its your duty to create a safe place for the people who work for you. Closely working with the industries leader in this field Atraban will ensure the safety of your workers in hazardous environments.

With equipment like life boats and life rafts and personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment from companies like Vanguard, Scott safety and Viking safety you won’t need to worry about your needs in this subject anymore.

While second to none for reliability and durability, our throw-overboard and davit launch able life rafts are available in a standard version and an automatically self-righting version. This ensures that no matter how the life raft inflates deploys on the water it will always right itself ready for boarding. Atraban’s life rafts are subjected to rough sea trials and can be deployed at very high wind velocities and extremely low temperatures. For use in Polar climates, Atraban offers a dedicated life raft solution in a unique heated container.

Several of our stations specialize in servicing personal protective equipment (PPE) including immersion suits and lifejackets. Widely used by maritime operators, these products must always be ready to perform and save lives
​​​​​​​in the event of an emergency. For this reason, servicing, testing and repairs are performed with meticulous care and attention to detail – according to internationally acknowledged procedures.