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No matter how good your ideas are, your company wont work without quality, stat of the art mechanical equipment. we provide and maintain these equipment for you, we offers services in areas such as compressors, pipes and fitting and pumps to assure your operations run smoothly and with ease of mind.

We provide our customers with a broad range of system solutions for various industries including: Manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, marine, defense, oil & gas, chemical, refining, mining, power generation, cryogenics, and research.

in close relation with industries leading names in mechanical parts such as Bauer compressor, Tenaris and Groppo atoria we make sure quality is our first priority in any environment and industry.

Atraban offers a wide range of surface pumps that meet the needs of a range of top
manufacturing sectors. Mono bloc pumps are used in the civil sector for water supply, heating and air-conditioning purposes.
Single-stage pumps and split case pumps are used for pumping systems in water systems and fire-fighting services

and in the clean-water industry when large capacities and limited heads are required. As well as for pumping stations, multistage pumps are also used for artificial snowing, reverse osmosis and for more sophisticated services such as boiler feeding.
Vertical turbine pumps are used in re-circulation systems for industrial water, power plants, steel mills, in drainage systems and in fish-farming sites.

Atraban’s Industrial Air Systems are available in a wide range package configurations and flow rates to meet most requirements for pressures of 350-7000 psi. With air cooled, continuous duty rated systems from 1.5-150 HP and water-cooled, continuous duty systems from 40-400 HP, BAUER can provide a complete turnkey system for almost any high pressure air demand. For special requirements, Atraban can modify a standard package or design a custom package specific to the customer’s needs.

Atraban offers a comprehensive range of products and services that meet oil and gas companies’ onshore and offshore deep and ultra-deep water needs. We have a strong industrial system, state-of-the-art R&D facilities and years of industry experience in metallurgy and the development of customized steel pipes, especially for risers.