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Fire Fighting

Fire can cause damage to your equipment, products and more importantly your employees, we are here to meet your needs in fire protection inspection, installment, testing and maintenance services in any environment.

Atraban with many years of experience in the field offers a wide range of fire control and protection to resolve all of your concerns, our dedicated teram has the ability to be your full-service provider of fire protection system.

With many years of delivering successful projects in many fields, our start-to-finish Fire protections engineering, Design and installation services can be tailored to fit our every need.

Gaseous Fire Suppression or Clean Agent fire suppression are terms used to describe gases used to extinguish fires. Typically gaseous agents work in one of two ways, the first is to inert the atmosphere reducing oxygen levels to a level that will no longer sustain combustion, the second is to react chemically with the fire absorbing heat and causing the chain reaction of combustion to break down.

Atraban will provide solutions to protect your business from this threat. our team of experienced engineers will you design , provide , install and maintain this service with the highest available quality.

Conventional Sprinkler Systems are designed primarily to control the fire and prevent building structural collapse, and pre-wet the surrounding combustibles to prevent fire spread.  This is achieved using copious quantities of water.

Here in Atraban Our team of experienced engineers use technologies like deluge valve to make sure you will win your fight against fire.

Foam Products encompass a wide range of products and equipment that includes firefighting foam concentrates, foam storage containers / tanks, foam monitors, foam system distribution and proportioning hardware. Firefighting foam or Foam Concentrate is used for fire suppression of flammable liquids.

Its role is to cool the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, resulting in suppression of the combustion.

Water Mist suppression systems are specifically designed to either suppress or extinguish a fire.  Water is an outstanding fire suppression agent due to its high heat capacity and latent heat of vaporization. Critical to water mist efficacy is the nozzle which is specially designed to produce a specific range of droplet sizes and velocities.

Atraban’s team of engineers will make sure your systems are up to date with all the industry standards. all through out the project from design to installation you can count on us to answer your needs.

Statistics show that a fire breaks out every two minutes, frequently causing serious damage. Whether warehouses, data centers or archives, every business needs absolutely reliable fire protection. Companies cannot afford downtime. So when fires occur, apart from protecting people, the most important priority is to maintain business processes.

Oxygen reduction method makes sure that fires cannot develop in the first place. By feeding a controlled supply of nitrogen into the protected area, it keeps oxygen concentration levels consistently below the ignition threshold of the combustible materials inside. The result: far less risk of open fire.