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We spent many years perfecting our services in many fields and with world class projects you can be sure that we will answer your every need to the fullest extend.

You can see out vast service portfolio below to see what fits your needs and environment so you can contact us and let us guide you through the process.



Telecom Integration

The new brand of customer is digital. They demand sophistication, speed of service and highly personalized communication.

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Security Systems

In your work environment as it is mission critical to put the safety and security of your workers and products first. with many years of experience in this field and many successful projects we can assur you to leave all of your security need to us.

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F & G

In order to protect precious lives and property from fires that should never occur and to reduce damage to a minimum, the installation of suitable highly reliable fire safety equipment for each building and area as well as the provision of a timely response service is absolutely essential.

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Fire can damage more than just your products and workers. with our complex and comprehensive firefighting systems and equipment make sure you're staying ready for whats about to come. with services like Gaseous fire suppression, water system, foam system, watermist and oxygen reduction we can prepare you for any environment.

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Atraban provides and maintains mechanical parts like pumps, compressors, pipe and fitting from the industries leading names ...

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Safety of your workers is our first priority. its is crucial that you make sure you provide a safe environment for everyone in your field. With Atraban you don't need to worry about safety ever again ...

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Marine & Submarine

 The harsh environments a submarine encounters include extreme hot and cold temperatures and extensive pressure cycling. Our products are designed, tested and qualified in our own testing facilities to perform exceptionally under these conditions.

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Control System

We provide DCS and ESD systems for all industries and provide solutions in many areas for your environment so you can ensure that everything runs smoothly and work with the highest possible level of efficiency.

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