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Vanguarde Totally Enclosed Lifeboats are designed and manufactured to SOLAS 86 regulations & adhere to stringent government requirements.

Totally enclosed lifeboat is designed to be launched by cantilevered platform or gravity davit system. It is fitted with shock absorbing skate / fenders to provide protection to the inboard side of the craft during launching. When an emergency evacuation or accident occurs aboard a vessel or offshore platform, with the hydraulic on-load hook release mechanism, ship crew can release the falls from within the lifeboat when the lifeboat is on water.

The lifeboat can also be used as a SOLAS approved rescue boat* by enhancing the launch and recovery operations.

Tanker and dry cargo versions are available in 4 different sizes. Our largest lifeboat can accommodate up to 150 passengers.

Atraban is the exclusive provider of vanguard life boats for industrial fields, we provide complete solutions to get your teams to safety in the most efficient way possible.


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