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Atraban Co.  by highly qualified staff with 8 years experience in national and international markets. Today it operates in the field of fire prevention, obtaining considerable success, offering to its clients high and qualifying fire fighting systems solutions; thanks to the prepared technical staff is always taking care to technological innovation. Its operational and organizational structure enables Atraban Co. to offer to its customers the specific solutions to any kind of problem always having a special attention to the environment




Whether you plan a surveillance solution for safe or hazardous areas, Atraban is able to design, procure, install, commission and maintain the CCTV.

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Telecom Integration

You may choose the best of the breed in individual subsystems but when it comes to integrating them all, you need experts who weave all those pieces together ...

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Paging & Intercom

With lives at stake, you would want you Paging and Intercom systems to be robust, rigid and implemented using the edge of technology where all the ...

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Network Infrastructure

No matter how good your network equipment is, if you have a bumpy infrastructure, the signals are not gonna like it! An optimum throughput, a ...

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Fire Protection

Should a fire break out, you would want every piece of the solution, including the alarms, the detectors, the suppression system and ... to work in coordination ...

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Control industrial processes locally or at remote locations. Monitor, gather, and process real-time data. Directly interact with devices such as sensors, valves ...

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Leave your Telecom, Safety and Security Needs and your Fight with the Fire to us !