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For over 40 years Crowcon has been manufacturing high quality gas detectors with a reputation for reliability and technical innovation. The company offers fixed and portable gas detection equipment based on expertise in mechanical and electronic design and software development and an understanding of the physics and chemistry of gas detection. When it comes to detecting gas in hazardous environments where people’s lives are at stake, you would need products with consistent quality and that is what Crowcon offers.


 Our quality policy

Working as one company, driving continuous improvement throughout all that we do to deliver Operational Excellence by providing safe and effective solutions that meet customer and key stakeholder needs and expectations. This will be undertaken whilst maintaining high standards of quality and compliance with worldwide regulatory and legal requirements.

The quality policy will be supported by a strategy translated to measurable objectives for all relevant levels of the company. These measurable objectives will be reviewed by Top Management annually and resources will be allocated to deliver the objectives.


Work Scope

Our priorities are to be market led, listening to our customers and helping them achieve their aims; to achieve sales growth through innovative product development and partnership with our customers; to be a quality organization in everything we do and to develop our people to be the best.

  • Crowcon is a Halma company
  • Our vision is to protect people and the environment from gas hazards
  • We focus on gas detection, understanding current and future market requirement
  • Crowcon operates internationally through a network of regional offices and authorised channel partners
  • Crowcon invests in people, developing individuals and teams
  • Central to our business is a strong quality culture
  • Crowcon demonstrates a track record of strong growth, fulfilling customer needs
  • We listen to current and future customers to ensure Crowcon is focused on customer satisfaction.

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