World Class Telecom, Safety, Fire Protection, Security and Integration Solutions

If your project consists of multi-disciplinary telecommunication system and you need to integrate them… If you require fire protection solutions for your project… If you have concerns about how comprehensive and consistent can a security solution be… if you want air-tight safety solution for your project… You have come to the right place!



Whether you plan a surveillance solution for safe or hazardous areas, Atraban is able to design, procure and install your CCTV.

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Telecom Integration

You may choose the best of the breed in individual subsystems but when it comes to integrating them all, we can help …

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Paging & Intercom

With lives at stake, you would want you Paging and Intercom systems to be robust, rigid and implemented using the edge of technology where all the …

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Network Infrastructure

No matter how good your network equipment is, if you have a bumpy infrastructure, the signals are not gonna like it!

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Fire Protection

Should a fire break out, you would want every piece of the solution, including the alarms, the suppression system, foam, pumps and …

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Control industrial processes locally or at remote locations. Monitor, gather, and process real-time data. to control your systems…

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We provide innovative and sustainable solutions where all the cornerstones of design, implementation, installation, integration and commissioning are always in mind.

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Atraban News

17 Jan

New technology for LaserMethane Mini

Now featuring Bluetooth technology, LMm allows you to record real-time gas readings and tag GPS locations via an Android device – all of which can be stored and saved for later. It is ATEX approved for use in explosive environments too.

01 Feb

9 reasons to chose EXIGO

With EXIGO, you can distribute any device on the IP network; Controllers, Amplifiers, Alarm/Mic/Access Panels, I/O devices. With intelligent I/O devices you can bridge the past & the future of your communication system.

Atraban, nittan

01 Feb


Nittan Europe, a leading manufacturer of conventional and addressable fire detection products sold globally, has launched the SPERA™ analogue addressable fire alarm system, Nittan’s first complete UL approved range.

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